Statement from PCPE in solidarity with the mobilizations of the Turkish people and TKP



Statement from PCPE in solidarity with the mobilizations of the Turkish people and TKP



The Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain would like to express its solidarity with the people's uprising in Turkey. Resistance in Taksim Gezi Park has unleashed a brutal wave of repression by the government. The response to these tragic events and to many years of pro-capitalist and  unpopular measures and the Islamization of Turkish society, has come quickly.


The response has been popular anger against the policies of the AKP government as a loyal ally  to the imperialist interests of the EU, NATO and the U.S. in the region. In Turkey there is a strong labour movement that has already shown many times their struggle against the government in demonstrations of thousands of people, for example, against the Turkish government's imperialist intervention in Syria or against NATO aggressions. So this is not an uprising coming from the void,  from anonymity or social networks with a "non-political" character, but an uprising rooted in a progressive accumulation of forces, in the sharpening of the class struggle and it is the expression of the high level of organization and militancy in the mass struggle of the Communist Party, the TKP.


We salute our sister party in Turkey, TKP (Communist Party of Turkey) as a sign of proletarian internationalism for his people and the communist militants who are suffering repression and persecution. Thousands of wounded and several venues and cultural centers of TKP attacked, as the case of Nazim Hikmet Cultural Center of Ankara, the headquarters of the TKP in Ankara and Istanbul or the offices of "Sol", the daily linked to TKP. It is no coincidence the repression and cruelty against communist militancy, the TKP is ahead of the popular mobilization and the movement lies on anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist guidelines, thus confronting with opportunism and social-democratic positions that would transform this popular anger against the government in a cartoon.


The Spanish bourgeois press and the opportunistic forces hide all these facts and launch the idea of a “Turkish spring" or the "outraged (indignados) Turks". They are never interested in informing but to defend their class interests and thus making similarities by distorting reality so we do not know the truth of the facts: a people's movement protesting different measures of the government where a consistently Marxist-Leninist party as the TKP, involved in the struggles, is suffering severe repression.


Therefore, we make a calling for active solidarity with the uprising in Turkey and to struggle against the lies and misrepresentation of the bourgeois press and opportunistic forces. The uprising of the Turkish people should be an example for the working class in Spain. The PCPE, as TKP says loud and clear:


When the people rise, the government end is near!

Solidarity against fascism!

Down with the dictatorship of Capital!



Madrid, May 3rd, 2013


International Area of the CC of the PCPE

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